Introducing the FUJINON HF50XA-5M Machine Vision Lens

hf50xaWPIntroducing a telephoto-type of machine vision lens for inspections and measurements at production lines, the FUJINON HF50XA-5M.

Features include:

  • Compatible with a 2/3-inch sensor
  • 3.45μm pixel pitch / MOD of 200mm with compact design
  • anti-vibration and shock-resistant performance to deliver a high resolution under diverse installation conditions

Despite being a telephoto lens, the “HF50XA-5M” achieves the MOD of 200mm to enable close-up shooting with a compact body measuring φ33mm in external diameter. In addition, the “HF50XA-5M” is equipped with anti-vibration and shock-resistant performance, which allows the lens to be used under a variety of conditions, such as installation site subject to large vibrations.

HF 50XA-5M Press Release & Spec Sheet (PDF)

View Product in the RMA Online Store


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