The Latest in Low Light HD-SDI Output Video Surveillance Cameras


The latest low light high sensitivity CMOS sensors are utilized in both Hitachi KP-HD2005R-S5 and Kowa SC200PK1C video surveillance cameras.  Hitachi KP-HD2005R-S5 uses a 1/1.9″ format size sensor (enabling use of 1/2″ format lenses) while the Kowa SC200PK1C uses a 2/3″ format size sensor.

Kowa’s SC200PK1C is an amazing Super Low Light Surveillance Camera for observation in very dark environments – producing color video at illumination of 0.005 lux, which is similar to the EMCCD sensor’s high sensitivity.

Kowa’s SC200PK1C

The camera has a 16x image storage for enhancement and 3D-noise reduction. This new high performance camera is able to deliver color images even in the darkest surroundings and is thus ideal for high-end surveillance solutions.

Kowa’s SC200PK1C brochure (PDF)

Kowa’s SC200PK1C Product Page

Hitachi’s Crucial Imaging Division continues to deliver state-of-the-art solutions in surveillance with the release of their new KP-HD2005R-S5.

Hitachi’s KP-HD2005R-S5

With its new ultra high sensitivity sensor and high definition video with adaptive fog reduction, the KP-HD2005R-S5 provides ultra clear images in a variety of surveillance environments and conditions (including fog and haze) while having sensitivity with illumination of 0.009 lux color and 0.0005 lux monochrome.

 KP-HD2005R-S5 brochure (PDF)

Hitachi’s  KP-HD2005R-S5 Product Page

Both surveillance cameras are now available at

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