Allied Vision Adds the Manta G-319 & G-507 to Its High Performance Camera Portfolio


Allied Vision adds the Manta G-319 &  Manta G-507 to its high performance camera portfolio. These new global shutter sensors outperform traditional global shutter CMOS sensors by having a high saturation capacity and very low noise resulting in an exceptional dynamic range. The Manta G-319 powered by the 3.1 megapixel Sony IMX265 sensor, and the Manta G-507 utilizing the 5.0 megapixel Sony IMX264 sensor will provide great options for high-quality imaging.

The new Manta G-319 and Manta G-507 are the first Allied Vision camera models offering the Trigger over Ethernet (ToE) Action Commands feature. ToE enables to externally trigger GigE cameras in a network through the Ethernet cable.

Allied Vision’s Manta Series are available in monochrome and color available at RMA Electronics!


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