Fujifilm Releases New Cutting-Edge FUJINON HF-12M Series Machine Vision Lenses


The FUJIFILM Corporation launched the FUJINON HF-12M series this month. These cutting-edge machine vision lens are perfect for use in product inspections and measurements in production lines. The lenses are compatible with a 2/3-inch sensor with a 2.7 µm pixel pitch. The HF-12M series is the world’s smallest and lightest weight machine vision lens in their class and delivers edge-to-edge sharpness under a range of installation conditions with FUJINON lenses’ unique “4D High Resolution” performance.

The HF1681-12M mounted on a compact machine vision camera

The HF-12M series is available in five models of various focal lengths; HF818-12M , HF1218-12M , HF1618-12MHF2518-12M and HF3520-12M; allowing users to choose the optimum focal length and angle of view according to their usage.

Check them out on RMA’s online store today!




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