Ricoh Rounds Out Its 9-megapixel Lens Lineup With New 12mm And 16mm Additions



Ricoh adds the new FL-BC1220-9M  and FL-BC1618-9M to complete their complete six piece 9 Mega-Pixel series. These two state-of-the-art FA lenses provide outstanding low distortion, high-resolution images even at an extremely close range.

Despite its nine megapixel resolution, the lenses feature a Φ42mm compact design, allowing a high degree of freedom in incorporating it into a wide range of equipment and positions.

FL-BC1220-9M and FL-BC1618-9M

Perfect for industrial and professional settings, Ricoh’s series of 9-megapixel lenses leverage a floating mechanism to enable low-distortion, high-resolution image capture at all ranges, boasting a point-blank range of 80mm that yields quality superior to close-up extension rigs.

Both the  FL-BC1220-9M  and FL-BC1618-9M, as well as the rest of the 9 Mega-Pixel series, are available on the RMA Electronics website!


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