Kowa’s 5 Megapixel Rated LMZ25300AMPDC-IR & LMZ25300M3P-IR 1″ 25-300mm Zoom Lens Series


At over 5 megapixels with a large format and IR-Correction, the LMZ25300AMPDC-IR and LMZ25300M3P-IR are designed to produce crisp and bright images no matter how dark or bright the surrounding environment may be. These lenses are ideal for ITS, airport, railway, harbor and other high end surveillance applications.  Additionally, these zoom lenses are appropriate for certain broadcasting applications and much more!

One model offered for this 1″ format 25-300mm zoom lens series has a motorized iris (3 motor lens) while the other is DC controlled auto-iris.  Both models have presets for zoom and focus functions.

These amazing lenses are now available in our online store!

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