Sony Introduces New GigE Vision® Series With Latest CMOS Sensors


Sony continues to expand their popular high-performance XCG GigE camera line-up with the introduction of two new series; the XCG-CG and XCG-C.

The new XCG Cubic GigE Series comes in six different models that includes PoE capability which provides users with the convenience of single-cable operation for power and control. Download the XCG-C series brochure for additional information.

The compact, high-quality, high resolution XCG-CG240, XCG-CG240C, XCG-CG510, and XCG-CG510C cameras incorporate Sony’s CMOS image sensor with a global shutter function for accurately capture high-speed moving images. These new cameras also incorporate some unique image processing features including area gain, defect pixel correction, and shading correction. Download the XCG-CG series brochure for an additional overview.

These new cutting edge cameras from Sony bring the best of Sony’s imaging technology to the industrial vision market, making them ideal for various applications such as ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) as well as traditional machine-vision applications. Make sure to check them out on the RMA Electronics online store!


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