Allied Vision Introduces Mako U Series USB 3.0 Cameras With Latest OnSemi CMOS Sensors


Allied Vision (AVT) has officially released the Mako U series of USB 3.0 / USB3 Vision cameras.  Using the latest OnSemi CMOS sensors, these camera models range from 1/4″ size sensor with VGA resolution outputting 550 fps to 1/2″ size sensor with 1.3 megapixels outputting 169 fps.  Rounding out the current line-up is a 1/2.5″ size sensor with 5 megapixels resolution outputting 14 fps.

All of the Mako U series USB 3.0 / USB3 Vision cameras have the same compact housing with small form factor of 49.5 x 29 x 29 mm.  Every model is powered over the USB interface and has opto-isolated I/Os. The GPIOs give Mako U maximum flexibility to adapt to specific needs. The two non-isolated GPIO lines are TTL-based and programmable as input or output.  Price points for these cameras are around $500 and under.

Mako U-029B (OnSemi PYTHON 300A) 1/4″ VGA with 550 fps
Mako U-051B (OnSemi PYTHON 500) 1/3.6″ XGA with 391 fps
Mako U-130B (OnSemi PYTHON 1300) 1/2″ 1.3 Megapixels with 169 fps
Mako U-503B (Aptina MT9P031) 1.2.5″ 5 Megapixels with 14 fps

Contact us for pricing, availability, and additional information.


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