RMA Electronics, Inc. Celebrates Landmark Anniversary For Educating Customers In Image Processing Industry


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RMA Electronics, Inc. Celebrates Landmark Anniversary For Educating Customers In Image Processing Industry


RMA Electronics, Inc. – a worldwide distributor and value-added reseller of industrial video and image processing products, celebrates its 30th year of educating customers and solving complex vision system challenges

Hingham, MA, February 29, 2016 – RMA Electronics, Inc. announces that 2016 marks the 30-year anniversary of business for the vision hardware and software products distributor.  The company was originally launched in 1986 as a Manufacturer’s Representative Company, Ronald A. Massa Associates, selling products within only the six New England states.  Today, the business has expanded to serve diverse worldwide customers in industries ranging from military/defense to airport security…from motion picture studios to university R&D projects.

In its infancy for what is known today as the machine vision and factory automation industry, the company represented early manufacturing pioneers such as Basler, Inc., Coreco (now part of Teledyne Dalsa), Eastman Kodak Co., Illumination Technologies, Pulnix America, Inc. (now JAI, Inc.), and Univision among others.

“In the early days, user know-how was very limited and prices were very high for industrial vision products like cameras and frame grabbers. A lot of customer education was needed.  I’ve been in the PC-based vision industry since the market was created in the early 1980’s with the introduction of the personal computer,” comments Ron Massa, Sr., founder and CEO.  “Today we are one of the oldest companies specializing in PC-based machine vision hardware and software products. We still aim to educate customers, but it’s just on a different level than it was 30 years ago.”

In 1994, Ron Massa, Jr. joined the company and is now the President.  In August 2004, the company incorporated and changed its name to RMA Electronics, Inc. (reflecting its Ronald A. Massa Associates beginnings).

The growth of the internet has provided the platform to compete with much larger companies – and access global markets. “Today, much of our worldwide business comes from our ecommerce sites, www.rmaelectronics.com and www.rmacinema.com, plus from platforms such as Google Shopping and Amazon,” says Ron Massa, Sr.  “But we are called ‘value-added resellers’ for a reason – we have the technical experience to help customers solve their complex vision system challenges.  As high-tech as things have become, we compete on price combined with personal service. When you call us, you get a human and that won’t change even in the next 30 years.”

About RMA Electronics, Inc.
RMA Electronics, Inc., formerly Ronald A. Massa Associates, was established in December 1986 as a Systems Integrator/Value Added Reseller and Manufacturer’s Representative specializing in selling vision, image processing and graphics products to OEM’s and end users.  Today, RMA Electronics is a world-wide distributor of industrial video, video security, and vision-related products, including such companies as Allied Vision (AVT), Euresys, Fujifilm (Fujinon), Hitachi, Kowa, Ricoh, and Schneider Optics.

Download Press Release in PDF format.


For further information, contact:

Ron Massa, Jr., President

Phone: 781-749-9700

Email: ronjr@rmaelectronics.com

Web: www.rmaelectronics.com

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