Xenon-Ruby Lenses From Schneider Optics


Schneider Optics in the industrial imaging market is known for very high quality and robust machine vision lenses – generally at a price point representative of this performance.  The Xenon-Ruby series C-Mount lenses from Schneider Optics offer the expected high performance, but at cost effective price points similar to many other machine vision lenses.

Covering 1/1.8″ format size imagers (9mm image circle), these fixed focal length lenses are offered in 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, and 35mm models and are designed to image a pixel size as small as 4.65 µm.  Additionally, these Schneider Optics Xenon-Ruby lenses have broadband transmission covering the range of 400-1000nm and are suitable for use on 2 megapixel (and higher) resolution cameras.

In summary, Xenon-Ruby lenses are the perfect trade-off between price and performance.

Xenon-Ruby 21-1074625 1/1.8″ 10mm
Xenon-Ruby 21-1074626 1/1.8″ 16mm
Xenon-Ruby 21-1068908 1.1.8″ 25mm
Xenon-Ruby 21-1074627 1/1.8″ 35mm

For more information on Schneider Optics lenses.


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