Goyo Optical Price Promotion On Selected 12 And 5 Megapixel Rated Machine Vision Lenses


Extended through February 29, 2016, Goyo Optical is offering a special price promotion on their recently released line of 1″ format fixed focal length 12 megapixel rated C-Mount lenses.   These optics are available in focal lengths of 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 35mm.  Normally selling at $878.00 USD for each model, the current promotional price has these models at $525.00 USD each.  This translates to about a 40% savings!

Goyo Optical GM12HR4121216MCN 1″ 12mm

Goyo Optical GM12HR41616MCN 1″ 16mm

Goyo Optical GM12HR42016MCN 1″ 20mm

Goyo Optical GM12HR42516MCN 1″ 25mm

Goyo Optical GM12HR43514MCN 1″ 35mm


Additionally, Goyo Optical is offering a similar pricing promotion with selected 1/1.8″ and 2/3″ format 5-megapixel rated fixed focal length lens models.  Normally sold at $297.00 USD for each model, these are currently offered at $203.00 USD.

Goyo Optical GM5HR181214MCN 1/1.8″ 12mm

Goyo Optical GM5HR31614MCN 2/3″ 16mm

Goyo Optical GM5HR32514MCN 2/3″ 25mm

Goyo Optical GM5HR33516MCN 2/3″ 35mm

Goyo Optical GM5HR35028MCN 2/3″ 50mm

For more information on Goyo Optical lenses.

Hurry now before the price promotion ends!


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