Senko 3 Megapixel Lenses for Sony IMX174 Sensor



Marketed as 2/3″ format lenses, RMA Electronics, Inc. recently tested the new 3 megapixel rated fixed focal length lenses from Senko ADL with a camera using the Sony IMX174 sensor (Sentech STC-MCS241U3V).  Although Sony markets this 2.35 megapixel sensor as a 1/1.2″ format, testing confirmed that the Senko 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm lens models all covered the sensor without vignetting (dark edges).  Please note that the Senko 12mm model in this series is 1/1.8″ format and thus did not provide full coverage of the sensor when tested.

The ability for these Senko lenses to deliver crisp high contrast images at a price point of just over $100 per model – while also now being compatible with cameras using the popular Sony IMX174 sensor is a nice win-win.

Here are some  sample images using the Sentech STC-MCS241U3V camera with IMX174 sensor.

Senko MFA1614-3M 16mm
Senko MFA2514-3M 25mm
For additional information on Senko lenses.

For additional information on Sentech cameras.

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