Midwest Optical Systems Offers New Dual Bandpass Filters for NDVI Imaging

A Dual Bandpass Filter transmits two specific wavelength ranges while blocking shorter and longer wavelengths as well as some middle portion of the spectrum. These filters in particular pass visible light and some smaller portion of the near-infrared spectrum.  Blocking most of the near infrared allows for excellent color rendition while retaining the ability to pass a specific LED or laser diode wavelength used for nighttime illumination.

Midwest Optical Systems has introduced DB475/850 Dual Bandpass Filter Visible Blue plus NIR and DB660/850 Dual Bandpass Filter Visible Red plus NIR  – both ideal for normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) imaging applications.  DB475/850 has a useful range of 460-490nm and 830-870nm, while DB660/850 has a useful range of 645-675nm and 830-870nm.

Click the links below for additional technical details on these new dual bandpass filter models.



All Dual Bandpass Filter Models

Dual Bandpass Filter Features

  • Pass visible light and a specific narrow IR band
  • Peak Transmission > 90%
  • Ensure that precise, high-contrast images are obtained during both day and night observation.
  • Achieve accurate color rendition by blocking interfering wavelengths
  • Allow viewing a scene with appropriately matched IR illumination at night
  • Useful for video security, red light camera, game camera and license plate recognition applications.

Mount & Size Options

  • Threaded Mount, C/CS Mount, Slip Mount, Unmounted
  • Threaded Mount Sizes: M22.5-M82
  • Custom sizes and shapes available

Visible + IR

Ideal for applications that use a color camera, allowing for accurate color images during the day and monochrome or color images at night. These filters pass visible light and a narrow IR band that make viewing with commensurate IR illumination possible at night.


Contact RMA Electronics, Inc. for additional product details and/or for pricing on Midwest Optical Systems dual bandpass filter models.

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