CoaXPress Video Capture Boards – Now Available From Euresys (Coaxlink Series)


Updated June 16, 2015.  Coaxlink from Euresys is a series of four CoaXPress frame grabbers. They acquire images from the fastest and highest resolution cameras on the market. The Coaxlink cards uses standard coaxial cables and the latest DIN1.0/2.3 connectors featuring a robust push/pull latching system for reliable industrial application. The Coaxlink Quad G3, Coaxlink Quad, Coaxlink Duo and Coaxlink Mono target applications requiring high data rates, high frame rates, consistent real-time timings but also longer cable length, greater cable reliability and flexibility.
Euresys Coaxlink boards start at $1,199.00 USD (Coaxlink Mono) for acquiring images from the fastest and highest resolution cameras.  Typical examples of applications for the Coaxlink frame grabbers are AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), printing inspection, and flat panel display or glass inspection.  Emerging applications could also exist in military, ITS/traffic control, and sports broadcasting (post analysis).


3 major advantages of CoaXPress over Camera Link:

1) Camera control, video, and power handled over a single coax cable
2) No CAM file to configure – “plug and play”
3) Longer cable distances – current standard of CXP6 (6.25 GB/sec. speed) is 40 meters (no repeaters)
Coaxlink Mono (1630)

Coaxlink Duo (1631)

Coaxlink Quad (1632)

Coaxlink Quad G3 (1633)

Euresys Video Capture Boards


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