Kowa Introduces Ruggedized Lens Series For High Shock And Vibration Applications

Based on the very popular JCM Series of 2/3″ format 2 megapixel rated C-Mount lenses, Kowa has recently introduced the JCM-V Series – designed for high shock and vibration environments.  Choices from four iris plates (for example, either F1.4, F4, F8, or F16) allow the ability to have the iris set to where it is most optimal, and this will not change.

Focal lengths offered include 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm.  For additional information, view the lens series leaflet.  Product details and pricing for each lens model can be viewed by clicking each item below.
Kowa LM8JCM-V  8mm

Kowa LM12JCM-V  12mm

Kowa LM16JCM-V  16mm

Kowa LM25JCM-V  25mm

Kowa LM35JCM-V  35mm

Kowa LM50JCM-V  50mm

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