6 Megapixel Rated Vari-Focal Wide Angle Lens Now Available From Fujinon (FujiFilm) For 1/1.8″ Sensor – At Very Economical Price


Fujinon (FujiFilm) has released model DV2.2X4.1SR4A-SA2L, a 1/1.8″ format 4.1-9mm F1.6 DC auto-iris vari-focal CS-Mount lens, day/night, 6 megapixel rated.  This lens addresses the demand for very high quality yet value-priced optics – particularly for wide angle security applications using larger HD camera sensors while achieving over 100° horizontal angle of view on a 1/1.8″ sensor.
This 4.1-9mm lens is compatible and recommended for use with the Sony IMX178 and IMX226 sensors, for CS-Mount cameras.  Although standard as DC auto-iris, the lens may also be ordered in a P-Iris version, as well as in other special motorized configurations.
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