Computar H5Z2518C-MP 25-135mm Manual Vari-Focal C-Mount Lens – A Great Replacement For Discontinued Tokina TVR1016 10-120mm

RMA Electronics, Inc. recommends for customers who were using the now discontinued Tokina TVR1016 that they consider the new Computar H5Z2518-MP as a replacement – assuming that the wide angle is not the biggest need.


Tokina TVR1016 – 1/2″ 10-120mm F1.6 manual iris vari-focal C-Mount lens (for SD camera)

Computar H5Z2518C-MP – 1/2″ 25-135mm F1.8 manual iris vari-focal C-Mount lens, 3 megapixel rated (full HD)

RMA Electronics is currently offering special pricing for this Computar H5Z2518C-MP – not only to make this be an affordable option for customers previously using the Tokina brand, but also for customers looking at new requirements in both machine vision and video security – especially when using megapixel / HD cameras.  Contact us to discuss a free testing offer!

Computar also offers this 25-135mm vari-focal lens in a model with DC auto-iris (HG5Z2518FC-MP).


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