Tamron Introduces A Series Of Lenses Designed For 6 Megapixel Resolution Camera Sensors With 2.5 Micron Pixel Pitch

Tamron has released 7 models specifically for use with 2/3” 2.5㎛ pitch size sensor cameras.  These machine vision type fixed focal lenses are available in the following focal lengths:

2/3” 6mm F/1.8 (Model M23FM06)
2/3” 8mm F/1.8 (Model M23FM08)
2/3” 12mm F/1.8 (Model M23FM12)
2/3” 16mm F/1.8 (Model M23FM16)
2/3” 25mm F/1.8 (Model M23FM25)
2/3” 35mm F/1.8 (Model M23FM35)
2/3″ 50mm F/2.8 (Model M23FM50)

For additional product details, technical information, pricing, and ordering information please visit our Tamron page.

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