Ricoh Extended Depth Of Field (EDOF) Cameras

Ricoh (formerly also Pentax Imaging) has introduced a line of machine vision cameras with Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) output which when paired with special Ricoh (modified) lenses, is designed to produce extended depth of field up to three times as compared to traditional cameras and lenses.

The initial camera models offered are VGA resolution (at 90 fps) in monochrome and 2 megapixel resolution (at 15 fps) in both monochrome and color.  Cameras are matched with specific lens models (and focal lengths) depending on the most optimal angle of view needed for the particular application.

Under various scenarios for inspection and automation applications, with using Ricoh Extended Depth of Field (EDoF) cameras, this could limit having to reposition cameras, adjusting the height of a camera, and even limit the total number of cameras needed for an inspection process.

We invite you to click here to view more detailed product information, video presentations and demonstrations, and pricing.


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