Computar 1.5 Megapixel Rated Lenses Now Offered At Additional Discounted Pricing

Computar 1.5 megapixel rated lenses for machine vision and factory automation offer very good optical performance at a very good value.  RMA Electronics announces lower pricing across the entire lineup for this series of fixed focal length manual iris C-Mount lenses – making this now an even better value.  Except for the M7528-MP 75mm, all models are now priced at under $140.00 each!

Fixed focal lengths offered in this “-MP2” and “-MP” series are 1/2″ format 5mm and 2/3″ format 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm models.  All models have a metal barrel and come with locking screws for focus and iris.

H0514-MP2 $155.00 each
M0814-MP2 $123.00 each
M1214-MP2 $123.00 each
M1614-MP2 $120.00 each
M2514-MP2 $123.00 each
M3514-MP    $139.00 each
M5018-MP2 $133.00 each
M7528-MP    $185.00 each

Shop all Computar lenses now or contact us for any additional information.


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