Which Digital Camera Interface Will You Use For New Machine Vision Requirements?

Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision) seems to be most popular amongst our customers currently, but we are certainly waiting to see if high expectations will be met around the new USB3 Vision standard.

While we are seeing many manufacturers releasing (and advertising) USB 3.0 camera models, we have yet to receive any real customer feedback from users of this interface.  We expect USB 3.0 will become popular – especially in single camera applications with short distances (less than 5 meters) between camera and PC, but would like to hear directly from you.

According to the AIA, here is what they list about USB3 Vision:


The USB3 Vision interface is based on the standard USB 3.0 interface and uses USB 3.0 ports that will soon be standard on most PCs (with Windows 7 service pack and Windows 8 native support expected soon). Components from different manufacturers will easily communicate with each other. The standard is currently in version 1.0.

  • High bandwidth in excess of 350 MB/s
  • Easy-to-use plug and play interface
  • Power and data over the same passive cable to five meters (more with active cables)
  • Uses GenICamTM generic programming interface




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