For Future Release: Micro 4/3 Mount Fixed Focal Lenses From Kowa

Kowa is in the process of developing for future release (estimated during second half of 2014) a series of Micro 4/3 Mount fixed focal lenses.  The focal lengths expected for release will be 8.5mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, and 50mm.  These lenses will be based on the current XC Series C-Mount lenses – which are 4/3″ format to cover larger sensors, and currently optimized for over 8 megapixel resolution cameras.

Much of the demand for these new lenses centers around users for the popular Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera – with a Micro 4/3 Mount, using a 1″ format (16mm) sensor.  While awaiting release of these new Kowa M4/3 Mount lenses, RMA Electronics continues to supply BMPCC customers (using a M4/3 to C-Mount adapter) with Kowa LM6HC 6mm and Kowa LM8XC 8.5mm lenses – for which both provide great optical performance and work flawlessly without any modifications needed to fit a M4/3 to C-Mount adapter.  Other Kowa lenses models – such as LM8HC, LM12HC, LM16HC, LM25HC, LM35HC,LM50HC, and LM75HC may also be used with BMPCC and adapter – but these lens models will require some machining to the lens backplate for being able to fit the M4/3 to C-Mount adapter properly.

This video is from the recent Interbee 2013 Show – where Kowa discusses their future products with Micro 4/3 Mount.


Newsshooter at Interbee 2013: Kowa Micro 4/3 lenses cine lenses from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

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