CBC America Corp. (Computar) Announces New Lens Models

RMA Electronics, a world-wide distributor for the Computar brand of CCTV lenses, is pleased to announce the introduction of a variety of new lens models targeted at machine vision, video surveillance, and general purpose imaging requirements.

Among the highlights for these new Computar products are the following:

• 2/3” 16mm and 35mm C-Mount lenses, 5-megapixel rated (25mm already available).
• 2/3” 25mm C-Mount lens, 5-megapixel rated, IR sensitivity
• 1” 25mm F0.95 C-Mount lens, 2-megapixel rated
• 1/2” 25-135mm vari-focal C-Mount lens (both manual and DC auto-iris), 3-megapixel rated
• 2/3” 12.5-75mm motorized zoom, focus, and iris (3-motor) C-Mount lens with presets
• 1/2” 27x (9.5-256.5mm), 35x (10-350mm), and 62x (12-775mm) motorized zoom C-Mount lens series, megapixel rated
• 1/2.7” 12.5-50mm vari-focal CS-Mount lens with P-Iris, 3-megapixel rated

Visit our Computar page for models, pricing, and ordering information.

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