Dual Bandpass Filters From Midwest Optical Systems Can Add Benefits When Using Day/Night Cameras

The Midwest Optical Systems DB850 and DB940 Dual Bandpass Filters are ideal for applications where a color camera is necessary for accurate color images during the day, while simultaneously transmitting IR illumination for nighttime use with the same camera.

Dual Bandpass Filters from Midwest Optical Systems may be ordered as standard threaded lens mount, slip-on mount, C/CS camera mount (M25.4), and filter only (no mount) versions.

Contact RMA Electronics for additional informaton.


• Ideal for color camera day/night applications
• Block interfering IR wavelength range to achieve accurate color rendition
• Allow the ability to view a scene with appropriate IR illumination at night

DB850 Dual Bandpass Visible + 850 nm IR Visible 385-650 nm Infrared 820-880 nm
DB940 Dual Bandpass Visible + 940 nm IR Visible 385-650 nm Infrared 910-970 nm



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